Meet Michelle

Michelle lives in Kentucky with her husband and daughter, who God blessed them with after 10 years of marriage. As a former radio show host, she loves getting behind the mic to encourage people and speak hope into their lives. 

 These days, Michelle is a Christian Mindset Coach and Warrior Mama. After experiencing near debilitating postpartum depression 4 years ago, she began a journey with God that dramatically changed her life. At her darkest point, she cried out to God in full surrender. He reminded her “You were made for so much more!” God had pierced through her darkness and she latched onto that ray of hope with everything she had.

 Combined with prayer and studying the Word of God, Michelle began to research Neuroplasticity and Psychology. She soon found out that God had a lot to say about our minds and thoughts in His word. In light of this discovery, she began to implement principles and strategies that would allow her to change the way she thought. Soon, she began to see progress, not only in her thoughts but also in her over-all mindset, productivity, relationships, impact, and being more present in her life.

 Since then Michelle has developed methods and strategies that she has used to help herself and others change their thoughts, master their emotions, regain their confidence, and see that they, too, “were made for so much more!” Armed with a passion and calling to help Christian women, Michelle is on a mission to help women break the cycle of anxiety, fear, and shame for good!

 Through coaching, Michelle equips Christian women to thrive with simple strategies to combat negative self-talk, self-sabotage, and limiting beliefs. With focus on prayer and reading God’s Word, her objective is to help women get more deeply rooted with God and take their faith to a whole new level.

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